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LDAP authentication requires a self-hosted Enterprise subscription.

Flagsmith can be configured to use LDAP for authentication with environment variables. When enabled, it works by authenticating the user with username and password using the ldap server, fetching the user details from the LDAP server (if the authentication was successful) and creating the user in the Django database.

Using Microsoft Active Directory

By default, Flagsmith supports logging in via OpenLDAP. To connect to a Microsoft Active Directory, you need to modify the following environment variables.

For simple usernames (e.g. "username"):


For down-level login name formats (e.g. "DOMAIN\username"):


For user-principal-name formats (e.g. ""):


Depending on how your Active Directory server is configured, the following additional settings may match your server better than the defaults used by django-python3-ldap:


Sync LDAP groups

You can synchronise Flagsmith users and groups with your LDAP (Directory) users and groups by running the following command:

python sync_ldap_users_and_groups

Running this command will:

  • Remove users from Flagsmith if they have been removed from Directory
  • Remove groups from Flagsmith if they have been removed from Directory
  • Remove users from group if they no longer belong to that group in Directory
  • Add users to group if they belong to a new group in Directory
Before running this command, please make sure to set the following environment variables:

Backend environment variables

Note that some environment variables may be different depending on the image that you are using (flagsmith/flagsmith-api-ee or flagsmith/flagsmith-private-cloud). Please select the correct tab below to ensure you are using the correct environment variables.

VariableExample ValueDescriptionDefault Value
LDAP_AUTH_URLldap://localhost:389The URL of the LDAP serverNone
LDAP_AUTH_USE_TLSFalseSetting this to true will initiate TLS on connectionFalse
LDAP_AUTH_SEARCH_BASEou=people,dc=example,dc=comThe LDAP search base for looking up usersou=people,dc=example,dc=com
LDAP_AUTH_OBJECT_CLASSinetOrgPersonThe LDAP class that represents a userinetOrgPerson
LDAP_AUTH_USER_FIELDSusername=uid,email=emailUser model fields mapped to the LDAP attributes that represent them.username=uid,email=email,first_name=givenName,last_name=sn
LDAP_AUTH_ACTIVE_DIRECTORY_DOMAINDOMAINSets the login domain for Active Directory users.None
LDAP_AUTH_CONNECT_TIMEOUT60Set connection timeouts (in seconds) on the underlying ldap3 library.None
LDAP_AUTH_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT60Set receive timeouts (in seconds) on the underlying ldap3 library.None
Path to a callable used to format the username to bind to the LDAP serverdjango_python3_ldap.utils.format_username_openldap
LDAP_DEFAULT_FLAGSMITH_ORGANISATION_ID1All newly created users will be added to this originisationNone
LDAP_AUTH_SYNC_USER_RELATIONScustom_auth.ldap.sync_user_groupsPath to a callable used to sync user relations. Note: if you are setting this value to custom_auth.ldap.sync_user_groups please make sure LDAP_DEFAULT_FLAGSMITH_ORGANISATION_ID is set.django_python3_ldap.utils.sync_user_relations
LDAP_AUTH_FORMAT_SEARCH_FILTERScustom_auth.ldap.login_group_search_filterPath to a callable used to add search filters to login to restrict login to a certain groupdjango_python3_ldap.utils.format_search_filters
colon(:) seperated list of DN's of ldap group that will be copied over to flagmsith (lazily, i.e: On user login we will create the group(s) and add the current user to the group(s) if the user is a part of them). Note: please make sure to set LDAP_AUTH_SYNC_USER_RELATIONS to custom_auth.ldap.sync_user_groups in order for this to work.[]
DN of the user allowed login user group. Note: Please make sure to set LDAP_AUTH_FORMAT_SEARCH_FILTERS to custom_auth.ldap.login_group_search_filter in order for this to work.None
LDAP_SYNC_USER_USERNAMEjohnUsername used by sync_ldap_users_and_groups in order to connect to the server.None
LDAP_SYNC_USER_PASSWORDpasswordPassword used by sync_ldap_users_and_groups in order to connect to the server.None