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Flagsmith allows certain Entities within a Project to have Metadata of different types.

Core Entities that support Metadata

Metadata Fields

To be able to add Metadata to your Entities, you first need to create Metadata fields within Project Settings -> Metadata.

Here you'll also need to define whether it's optional or required.

  • Optional: You may or may not add Metadata to your Entities.
  • Required: You won't be able to update or create an Entity within your Project unless you include this Metadata.


Types of Metadata Field

Metadata Field supports five primary types of metadata values, each serving distinct purposes:

String: A basic data type representing text or alphanumeric characters. Strings are versatile and can describe a wide range of attributes or characteristics.

URL: A type specifically designed to store web addresses or Uniform Resource Locators.

Integer: A numeric data type representing whole numbers without decimal points. Integers are useful for quantifiable properties or attributes.

Multiline String: Similar to a standard string but capable of storing multiline text. Multiline strings are beneficial for longer descriptions or content blocks.

Boolean: A data type with only two possible values: true or false. Booleans are ideal for representing binary attributes or conditions.