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System Limits

In order to ensure consistent performance, Flagsmith has the following limitations.

Entity Counts

  • 400 Features per Project
  • 100 Segments per Project
  • 100 Segment Overrides per Environment
  • 100 Segment Rules Conditions

Entity Data Elements

  • Maximum size of a Flag String Value is 20,000 bytes
  • Maximum size of an Identity Trait Value is 2,000 bytes

Segment Data Elements

  • Maximum size of a Segment Rule Value is 1,000 bytes

Admin API Rate Limit

Requests made to Admin API endpoints (i.e., non-SDK endpoints) are subject to a default rate limit of 500 requests per minute.

If you are self-hosting, you have the flexibility to modify this limit by adjusting the value of the environment variable USER_THROTTLE_RATE.

Overriding Limits


Please contact us if you want to override the current system limits.

Self Hosted

You can modify the system limits on a per-Project basis. These limits are defined in the database against the Project. The easiest way to modify them is with the Django admin interface.