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Scheduled Flags


Scheduled Flags are part of our Scale-Up and Enterprise plans.


You can use Scheduled Flags to queue up changes to Flags to be modified automatically in a future point in time.

You can create a Scheduled Flag change in 1 of two ways:

  • As part of a Change Request.
  • If you are not enforcing Change Requests, you can schedule the Flag change when modifying a Flag.

Creating a Scheduled Flag change as part of a Change Request

Once an Environment is configured with Change Requests enabled, attempting to change a flag value will prompt you to create a new Change Request.

You will need to provide:

  • The title of the Change Request
  • Optionally a description of the reason for the Change Request
  • The Date and Time that you want the flag change to take effect

Creating a stand-alone Scheduled Flag change

If the Environment you are working with does not have Change Requests enabled, you can create a Scheduled Flag Change directly when editing the Flag.

Scheduled Flags and Change Requests

Scheduled Flags pending go live will appear in the Change Request area.

Once the Schedule of the flag has passed the Scheduled Flag will move to the "Closed" list.